Taking into consideration the hope I have in most visitors being literate individuals, I’m under the assumption that you all know what this site is about. However, should anyone of you lovely people not be particularly perceptive (or intelligent for that matter) this blog will pertain to my various endeavors in writing.

   Wondrous…I can hear the collective groans coming from each and everyone of you. But I relish in it.

One of my ancestors

   Putting cheap sarcastic humor aside, however, I like to dabble in fantasy novel writing and have been able to finish the first draft of a book that is around 220,000 words. As of right now I’m just working on its sequel’s first draft so that I can then move on to edit and revise. Yes, yes, I know that it’s a shame that I won’t be able to tell you my FULL rags to riches story, but it’s not like I can help it or anything. But its not like there aren’t benefits to being only slightly experienced.

   Being in the first quarter of my second fantasy book, I figured that I could just try and document my progress on here while talking about other books that don’t center around my narcissistic self. I hope that I’ll be able to preach to you about the infinite wonders of the fantasy land of Altarum (should you return…I’d certainly appreciate if you did). So let’s get this grand show on the road, shall we?

P.S.= Updates to this shall be daily, depending on how I feel I might make two articles. A little bonus for you greedy bastards 🙂