Ideas. Those wonderful fleeting little bastards that slink into your mind at the worst possible moments.

Although it’s only been about a year since the wondrous QuestingAuthor himself has begun to take writing as a serious hobby, I have come to a great deal of realizations during my writing experience. For one, I’ve learned that writers tend to procrastinate, that they love the sound of their own prose, and that most people that say they want to read your work are a bunch of lying pigs. But there is one lesson that I learned before all those others.

Ideas are a dime a dozen.

Ideas are like cheap prostitutes that one can find plodding about the streets of a dirty city. You’ll find them in crowds that throng you like desperate salesmen trying to sell their products to you, despite the fact that you’ve already told yourself that you don’t want it. Yet they have been trained in the art of persuasion.

They might tear a strand of cloth from their blouses and show you a peek of their shapely legs, they might blow you kisses from dark alleys where rats scurry along every corner, or they would even go as far as calling your name out in seductive manners. All because each of them wants to be tested out. Most of them would wish for you to spend the night with them not because they love you, but because they want to take your hard-earned cash. They desperately wish to release you from the grips of your partner so they can not only waste your money and time, but also leave you feeling hollow inside.

They’ll taunt you, saying that you are a fool to remain with the woman that you currently have. They’ll tease you with new gimmicks that you hadn’t thought of before entering your current marriage. Perhaps a few gimmicks you would be able to transplant into your relationship, yet most of these “gimmicks” would tear it apart at the seams!

Yet there’s something in the way that they present themselves…

You just can’t help but glance at them when you walk past. Your drifting eyes tend to linger on them and your tantalized imagination would flock to all manner of ungodly thoughts. You can’t help but wonder what could have been with that prostitute. Perhaps she could have been the one for you, the one that can truly be loved by you. And a part of you is always pondering. Maybe…just maybe…

Have you proposed to your current novel idea?

Your current partner often fights with you and the house is often a din of screams and arguments. There’s scarcely a day where you don’t leave the house feeling drained. Yet you made a commitment and it would ruin your life should you shatter that vow for such superficial and vile reasons.

At the end of the day, you end up learning that all those cheap harlots that wander the streets will only end up frustrating you just as much as your current wife. There are days where you still remember the gentle caress of the street woman-perhaps they even live eternally in your deepest fantasies!

But deep down, somewhere at the very core of your soul, you know that the right choice is to stay with that woman you first proposed to. Yes, you argue, but so does everyone else in the world. After all, not all humans are perfect, and that’s something that you learn to accept. And only then do you know that that marriage is the most special relationship that there ever was, and despite all the conflict, you would never have it any other way. You made a promise that you would part with that woman in only death. You made a promise that you would only part with that story, once it was finished.

If there’s a message I could across from this, it’s that no matter how difficult ideas may seem to keep, in the end it is the only way to get down to writing. As much as those new ideas crop up in your mind, the best you can do is to jot them down and save them for later. So to all my readers I would ask that they zip up their pants and settle down with that story idea that’s been giving them issues as of late. Maybe it doesn’t feel like you get along at first. Perhaps it doesn’t even feel like you were meant for one another. Yet you, writer, and only you, are the one that is capable of giving that story the love that it deserves. Cheers to you all, friends, keep on writing.

Food for thought: Have you ever abandoned a story to try a new one? If so, how did it turn out? Successful or not, feel free to tell me all about it in the comments!