After some time of pondering and reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is necessary for me to change my schedule. Considering the sudden influx of responsibilities that have introduced themselves since the beginning of school (I started this blog in summer), I’ve decided to go with a less rigid schedule.

Not only is this a cause of my sudden lack of free time, but it would also help in allowing me to keep up with my daily writing routine, and would allow me a longer period of time to brainstorm my posts. This ought to be beneficial for all of us, since I’ll be able to create better quality content. With my time being as it is, I’ve only an hour every day to create a decent article, and that’s not to say I’ve been making utter rubbish because of that. In part, it’s due to all of your support that I was able to pump out posts despite this schedule. For which I am grateful.

But being a benefit to all of us, the schedule will change to 3 Posts per week

 A great thanks to all my followers and I hope this new method works best for both of us. A relaxed pattern such as this should allow me to create content that is more diverse than what I usually create, yet should also provide me with enough opportunities to remain on everyone’s radar.

I’ll try to spread them all over the week, so there aren’t too many days without a post of mine in a row. But if there is a special occasion on that certain week, that wouldn’t be the case. Either way, three per week shall be the set amount from now on.

As always, this has been the QuestingAuthor. Keep writing, my friends.