It’s all fine and dandy to go around and take part in other visual mediums, and it might even help for you to read some of your past chapters, but that doesn’t always help. When you get around to watching films, playing games, or examining art, you might be able to gain inspiration from similar atmosphere and tones from those works, but they’re never really yours. You could get a new perspective on a scene that you are writing just by watching a similar scene in a movie, but this is never a fool-proof method to create scenes that are tailored to your tastes. And while reading your past can cast a light on your capabilities, the most it can do is to renew faith in your WIP.

Yet these limitations are not as bad as they might seem. For most cases of a Creative Schism being formed, I would argue that these are enough to get you back writing. But the

Imagine this same painting with all the animals dead and the vegetation rotting. That’s the Creative Schism

Creative Schism, as with most diseases, only gets worse the more you ignore it. Before you even know it, the dark chasm that creates a gulf between you and your imagination is suddenly impossible to cross, and the methods I mentioned earlier would be rendered null.

Now before you smash your laptop against a nearby wall, I would exhort you to calm down. This doesn’t mean that the Creative Schism is impossible to cross (It almost never is) it just means that the situation has escalated to a rather tense phase. And tense phases require more elaborate solutions.

You’ll notice a pattern when I speak about Mending the Schism, never once do I mention anything that has to do directly with writing. It’s always about adding on another activity to enhance your writing experience. The closest we’ve ever gotten to me referencing the act of writing was when I advised all of you to read your past chapters, and that’s not as much writing as it is reading.

But bearing that in mind, there is still a certain degree of alienation between the

(Insert pun about aliens here)

activities that I’ve already listed and whatever scene you may be planning on writing next. One would fool himself into believing that it is impossible to find an activity that directly assists the writing process, and in many respects I can see why someone would come to this conclusion. I mean, who in the world would spend time to craft an add-on specifically designed to a scene that’s bubbling up in your mind? But there’s a problem with this assertion.

It’s entirely bogus.

There is one add-on that can be given to your process that can be tailored directly to your writing. Only one add-on can be customized in whatever way that you wish and arranged to fit anything you’re working on. And that, my friends, is the elusive art of music.

We live in a digital age, and despite pseudo-philosophical teenagers complaining about how we need to get in touch with nature, I’d advise all of you to take advantage of the times we live in. Music is literally anywhere, and not just that. Music is anywhere, in any way, in any length, and in any tone that you wish it to be in the wonderful joyland of the internet. And never has there been a tool so fitting for writers.

The internet gives you choices, many of which you might regret taking

Think about it, when it comes to music, we can organize it according to our tastes and preferences. We want to hear something sad? Then we’ll go ahead and look up sad music. We want to smile like buffoons? Then we’ll search up the Benny Hill’s theme and wait for wacky hijinks to ensue! And this can be said for any emotion.

As writers, one of the greatest difficulties we have is trying to connect with how the tone of a certain scene should be set. We don’t know what kind of emotion it should have, nor do we know what manner expressions we want to see on our character’s faces. Feelings are such abstract things that we have a hard time placing them down into words. But that’s the wonder in music. It’s just as abstract as feeling, it’s capable of giving you the same response that a feeling would, but it takes no work to immerse yourself in it. It’s all just a matter of making a playlist and…playing it!

Just think about it, there’s one song out there that’s perfect for what you’re trying to convey in your novel. It’s waiting for you to find it.

As always, this has been the QuestingAuthor. Keep Mending the Schism, my friends.